***Please note, this website is not monitored by your HOA.***

If you would like to PAY YOUR DUES, go to the CMA Portal at www.cmacommunities.com, click on "Menu" and find the "Owners" tab. You can also update your billing address, add your email address, and request help with your account from Customer Service through the CMA website.

If you would like to receive email updates from your community, be sure to add your email address and a phone number to your account.

You can retrieve any documents for ARB requests or Pool Keys by logging into your CMA account, you will also be able to view the Community Covenants and Bylaws, financials and budget for your neighborhood. 

If you are selling/buying a home and your agent is requesting information about your HOA, you may direct them to https://cmacommunities.com/residents/buyer-seller-services/. For those of you just refinancing a home, this is where you will send your lender for Statement of Account requests as well.

If you have questions for your Community Association Manager, Melissa Sutton she can be reached directly by email msutton@cmacommunities.com or phone 706-780-6515.

Thank you!!